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What is the biggest impact you think SMASH has had on Haley and Austin?

Our children are looking at education and college not as a hope or a dream but as a reality. SMASH has helped them focus on their education and goals for the future. We feel SMASH has provided Haley and Austin with the resources and guidance that is needed to direct them to become successful in college and beyond. Without it we are not sure that would have been the case.


What do love the most about SMASH?

I love the fact that SMASH gives children who are intelligent and hard working a chance that they might not have had if this program wasn’t around. It also provides these children with an opportunity to see that there is more to life than what their surroundings and circumstances may lead them to believe.


Is there anything that you would say to someone who is thinking about giving to this campaign but not quite sure yet? Lopez Family 2

I would say that while we all struggle with the day-to-day expenses of raising a family, just giving a little back to such an important program is worth the small sacrifice it may cause today. It will mean so much to your child’s future.


Why is donating to a program like SMASH something that you and Steve *each* chose to do?

Michelle: I am deeply appreciative of what SMASH has offered my children. When I saw the e-mail from Dr. Sulcer my first response was "oh yes, I can do that." When I think of SMASH, I want to do what I can to give back and help the SMASH community. We have become a family and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to help in any way I can.   

Steve: My wife sent me an e-mail about contributing to SMASH and while normally I am one who thinks long and hard about our family's expenditures I said "let's do it." Giving back to something that has given my children so much felt like the least I could do.


Why did each of you choose this particular campaign to give to?  

Michelle: Being a person of color I know how challenging it can be in life. I feel a program like this that helps give minority children the opportunity to be successful in life is well worth giving back to. I appreciate the generosity of the founders and donors so I felt that I would like to give what I could to help with this campaign.

Steve: The generosity of the SMASH founders and donors is overwhelming to me. To think that they noticed and cared about the disparity in the education that certain groups were receiving is so thoughtful and unbelievable to me. We all see the inequalities in life, but there are not many who do anything about it. To help in a small way makes me feel like I'm involved in making those disparities a little smaller.


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