Core Values

There are six core values which are integral to the Level Playing Field Institute and inform our approach to our work.


We strive to disrupt the system and improve outcomes for individuals.

Impact drives the decisions we make; we seek to maximize positive change.

Efforts must be sustainable in order to achieve real impact.

Constantly evaluate and measure our impact.

Consider impact in terms of quality, not just quantity.


Maintain a connection and contribute to the communities in which we work, both locally and nationally.

Be willing to learn from the communities in which we work.

Contribute to the broader STEM education community with research and program success.

Actively foster positive work environment, culture, and practices.

Support staff and community members in personal and professional development.

Passion and

Let our mission drive our work.

Work towards a more equal society where justice exists on local, national and global levels.

Focus on actions that are feasible and sustainable.

Make decisions based on research, data, and evidence.


Continuously and consistently improve practices.

Research best practices and new ideas/models.

Try new things. Have the freedom to fail. Learn from failures.

Exhibit flexibility and resourcefulness. Embrace change.

Be a Strong
Link in
the Chain

The work we do as an organization connects with and is relevant to the national discussion surrounding STEM education.

Initiate the change we want to see.

Contribute to and take strength from our teams and our organization as a whole.

LPFI employees do their part and more to the best of their ability.

and Have
Some Fun

LFPI is a fun and engaging workplace that offers fun and engaging programs.

Celebrate successes and the learning we gain from failures.

Create an environment where employees can be themselves and are celebrated for their unique strengths.