Mission Statement

At SMASH: Prep our goal is to facilitate the growth of young men who not only excel in STEM, but are also critically-aware, social-conscious, and oriented toward social justice, and equipped to employ their STEM knowledge for the betterment of their local, National, and Global communities.

SMASH: Prep, in collaboration with the Level Playing Field Institute (LPFI), is working to develop a STEM educational pipeline for African-American males to combat the systemic educational inequities and societal challenges faced by these students in their schools and communities and equip them with the skills and experiences necessary to improve their educational success and life opportunities. This educational pipeline project specifically focuses on preparing African-American males to be successful in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, which are projected to be the fastest growing and highest-paying occupations of the future, thus providing students and their families/communities critical opportunities for economic advancement. Moreover, by virtue of its additional focus on social justice and self-sufficiency, SMASH: Prep aims to support students in becoming not only scientists, but also active global citizens.

SMASH: Prep serves African American males who have demonstrated both an aptitude and interest in math and science. Its curriculum is designed for sixth through eighth graders and will increase the participants' college and STEM aspirations.

SMASH: Prep is...

  • A Year-round holistic STEM enrichment program for middle school aged African American males (we are seeking current 5th graders).
  • Seeking to increase candidates for SMASH Academy and other similar STEM-focused programs.  
  • Improving mathematics and science knowledge while developing the scholars' critical thinking skills.
  • Building positive scholar identity and providing exposure to role models and experiences that reinforce academic excellence.
  • Free of cost
What type of scholar are we looking for?

Applicants MUST:

  • Must be an African American male;
  • Be in the 6th grade Fall 2014 (i.e., they apply to this program during their 5th grade year);
  • Demonstrate aptitude, interest and proficiency in math;
  • Reside in Alameda or West Contra Costa County;
  • Attend a public or charter school at the time of selection (August 2014).

Applicants SHOULD:

  • Qualify for free and reduced lunch; and,
  • Be a first generation college student (i.e., neither parent has earned a 4 year degree).

SMP 2014-2015 Schedule

10/4/14: Session 1 - Orientation
10/11/14: Session 2 - Field Trip
10/25/14: Session 3 - Assessment
11/08/14: Session 4
11/22/14: Session 5
12/06/14: Session 6
12/20/14: Session 7
01/17/15: Session 8
01/31/15: Session 9 - Potluck
02/14/15: Session 10
02/28/15: Session 11
03/14/15: Session 12
03/28/15: Session 13
04/18/15: Session 14
04/25/15: Session 15 - Field Trip
05/09/15: Session 16
05/16/15: Session 17
05/30/15: Session 18 - Assessment
06/06/15: Year End Celebration
Contact Milan Drake, Program Manager, with any questions.
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